sample haiku

a herd shifts
the sun’s edge

— The Heron’s Nest volume XXV, March 2023

owl flight
the deep silence
of the forest dusk

— Modern Haiku 50.3

seaside gale
a jackdaw steadies
a traffic sign

— Acorn, fall 2019

eyeing cars
in the slow lane
a buzzard

— Modern Haiku 51.1

autumn dew
a young fir
gathers sunlight

— Hedgerow Autum 2019

september fog
the cat’s fur
carries wood smoke

— Autumn Moon 3:1

stubble field
waterlogged ruts
mirror the cold

— Wales Haiku Journal, winter 2019

walking beyond
the here and now

— NOON issue 16

above the river
a dying pine reaches
into itself

— Seashores Issue 4

evening rain
the roof’s shape

— Wales Haiku Journal spring 2020

judging the angle
of the wind’s attack
homeless veteran

— Chrysanthemum 27, April 2020

a dog barks
the freight train’s length

— Tinywords 20.2

hilltop road
a view, far enough
from demands

— Autumn Moon April 2021

woodland fog
the names of gods
before their names

— Akitsu Quarterly spring 2022

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